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    Agustin “TINTO” Loreto.
    Rigging | Layout | Modeling
    Lighting | Matchmoving
    Python/Mel Scripting
    Concept design.

    Rigging|Modeling Reel


    S   H   O   T         B   R   E   A   K         D   O   W   N


    1- Barbie Seq:

    Responsible for the main rig of the male character in the first two shots of the reel. It involved full ik/fk rig with follow, full face rig with blinks, mouth and eye tweakers, face squash and cheek controls. It also had additional controls for the coat.

    I also helped on the body and face rigs for the girl characters.

    Created lower body for all horses (spine, legs and tail.). The same quadruped body was used for all horses. A single dog rig was also created and used for both of them.


    2-The Nut Job seq: (prop rigging)

    All these rigs were scripted from scratch in a layer stile using python scripting. The rigs have multiple script files that are loaded into an interface that runs each script in seq. When a rig needs to be corrected  a simple editing  to an specific script will do the job without having to loose a lot of work .


    3- Babar seq: (pirate balloon, pilot hat, beetle, plant and tow car).

    Created both model and rig for all these assets.

    The parts of these rigs behaving like cables or spines were builded with custom made ribbon spines setups or wire deformers.

    I also did set dressing and surfacing when needed on this project



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